Serverless Studio

Serverless Studio is an application that helps you to design, deploy and manage serverless functions.

    📦 Standard Features

  • One click Deploy & Update
  • Git Integration
  • Deployment Preview


  • Test & Debug Fast/Locally
  • Real-time local and remote logs
  • Declarative Output

    🔒 P2P Features

  • Peer-To-Peer Collaboration
  • Performance Instruments


  • Create and deploy P2P networks
  • Network Instruments

How it works


Create a project

After downloading the software, launch the serverless studio app. The welcome wizard will help you configure your AWS credentials. After that you will see this screen.


Create a new serverless function

Pick New Function. After creating the funciton, try changing the code and running it. Next, try setting the target envrironment and clicking Deploy.


You're Ready!

Add a Website

You can easily create static a website, backed by a CDN and connect it to your serverless function. Just select Add Website from the menu and follow the prompts.

Continuous Integration and deployment

A Team license will help you replicate your code and settings between team members and servers in real-time.

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