npm i @socketsupply/socket -g . <(curl -s -o- iwr -useb | iex

Build for any OS — desktop, mobile, even headless — with security, privacy, and peer-to-peer as first class features.


Write Once,
Run Anywhere

Ship it faster using one skill set, and one codebase. Fewer moving parts means less can go wrong.

Connect Everyone

Socket runtime introduces a modern P2P protocol that provides secure, real-time, and eventually consistent communication between users. It even allows a user to send messages to someone who's offline.

  import { socket } from 'socket:network'

  const s = await socket()
  const cats = await s.subspace('cats')

  cats.emit('mew', value)

  cats.on('mew', value => {
    // ...

  cats.on('#connection', cat => {
    cat.emit('meow', value)

    cat.on('meow', value => {
      // ...


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