npm i @socketsupply/socket -g . <(curl -s -o- iwr -useb | iex

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Ship apps faster than anyone else using one skill set, and one codebase. You can even turn your existing web app into a native Socket app.

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Our modern P2P protocol helps you distribute work, out of the Cloud, beyond the edge and into your apps, reducing cost and server load.

  import { network } from 'socket:network'

  const socket = await network()
  const cats = await socket.subcluster()

  cats.emit('mew', value)

  cats.on('mew', value => {
    // ...

  cats.on('#connection', cat => {
    cat.emit('meow', value)

    cat.on('meow', value => {
      // ...


Relay Messenger Beta!

Relay Messenger is a proof of concept that demonstrates how to create a secure, Peer-To-Peer group messaging app for desktop and mobile. No servers or cloud hosting is required.

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