Native Apps without React Native

— Written by heapwolf

Did you know you don't need React Native to create native apps with React?

That's right. You can use all that code you've already written to create builds for mobile AND desktop! And no, you won't need to add Electron to your project.

React may not be the hot thing anymore, but a lot of people have invested a lot in it. Socket Runtime can help you reach a larger market by providing your customers with native versions of your app.

A brand new, state-of-the-art runtime

We've built a new runtime from the ground up. It produces faster builds that use less memory, and with smaller binaries. It's a web-compatible environment, which means all that code you've written for the Web will "just work" in Socket runtime.

Checkout out our latest release to see some of the key features that make Socket runtime 10x better than other solutions in the space.

Need some help building your app? Or maybe you want to find out how we can dramatically reduce your cloud bill by distributing workloads out of the cloud and onto the client-side. Either way, our professional services team can help you ship it fast. Book a time on our calendar for a free consultation.

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