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Peer To Peer Chat.

Relay Messenger is a secure, open-source, Peer-To-Peer group messaging app for desktop and mobile. No servers or cloud hosting is required, and no company ever handles your messages.


A Feature Roadmap

Critical Features

Compared to Others

100% peer-to-peer

Cooperative Computing

Other Apps

Most communication software relies on Cloud hosting. In some cases, the servers needed for hosting may be run by a random person instead of a company.

Either way, it's hard to trust it even if it's open source, because we can't see the code that's actually running on the servers.

Relay App

The protocol used by Relay App, does not require servers or Cloud services. All the code runs locally on your device or computer. You can even inspect it.

The entire network is symmetrical — every peer has the same capabilities. And every peer works cooperatively to make a robust, highly available network.

Secure & Private

Privacy Preserving

Other Apps

Other apps rely on servers or cloud services. To preserve privacy, they route messages around a network of servers in a way that is confusing and difficult for an adversary to intercept and decipher.

These servers represent not only points of failure, but also an attack surface and an economic vulnerability.

Relay App

Messages are sent directly between computers. When other peers are not online, or when networks make it physically impossible to communicate directly, messages are fragmented and randomly distributed across the network in a way that they can't be read by anyone else, but can be discovered and reassembled by the recipient.

open source

Built with Socket runtime.

Build applications for any OS — desktop, mobile, even headless – with security, privacy, and peer-to-peer as first class features.

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